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Leverage - s4 ep4 “The Van Gogh Job”

favorite ships: Nate Ford&Sophie Devereaux

Now, let me get this straight. When I said “simple stall,” you heard “multinational, high-finance feeding frenzy,” right?

Nate, “Leverage,” S04 E01

Tomahto, tomato.


my favorite thing about leverage is that all the other criminals on the show think that the leverage crew is super hardcore and ruthless and pulls all sorts of impossible, shady jobs but actually they’re a bunch of well-intentioned nerds who do the equivalent of pro-bono cases


Leverage, The San Lorenzo Job, season 3 episode 16

I just fucking love him. he. is. so. hot.

We’d be the cavalry.
Eliot Spencer


This episode is a treasure.

I got most of this down De-fragile-ing, cheese-accounts thing. I just don’t know what “sandwich” has to do with it.