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Maggie Collins Leverage s01e13

"No, Parker, uh, sleeping is not a hobby."
Nate, “Leverage,” S01 E06

Leverage Meme: 1/8 Non-Recurring Characters: Mikel


the thing with leverage is

i want everyone to be friends with everyone

found family style

but i also want them all to bang ja feel

"Now look, they have a list of demands. First off, they want twelve large pizzas: one cheese, one Hawaiian extra pineapple, two pepperoni and black olives, two meat lovers, t— seriously, nobody’s writing this down? Seriously?"

Hardison, “Leverage,” S01 E03

Oh and it just keeps getting better the more he keeps talking. “You stay, we need to talk about Hall & Oates.”

I just want to make sure the romantic relationship you’re pursuing with Ms. Crystal is a healthy one. For the both of you.

"You’re lucky on this deadline I didn’t give you a baking soda volcano."

Hardison, “Leverage,” S01 E03

I said bleeding tears, not bleeding ears.

How’s this? Distracting enough?